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Body Piercing Secrets: What To Look For And What To Avoid

Once considered a taboo, body piercing is now a common form of personal expression. We can pierce more than just our ears.

However, any piercing carries a certain amount of risk, making it important to get your piercing done properly and to take care of it well.

A badly done body piercing could reject, and possibly carry the risk of serious infection or even nerve damage.

However, that does not mean that piercings are not safe. If done by someone qualified who knows what he or she is doing, the risk is negligible.

Here are some rules to help you get a great piercing safely.

1. Do not pierce on impulse. Tattoos and piercings are commonly gotten on the spur of the moment.

This is a risky practice, and can lead to a modification you do not want, or a piercer who does a bad job.

Take the time to think about any body piercing you want to get. If you still want the same one several months later, it is probably something you will be willing to live with.

2. Research! You should research both the body piercings you want and the piercer you are thinking about using.

Find out if a given piercing is considered safe and if you have the anatomy to carry it off. Some people are put together in ways that prevent them from getting particular body modifications.

Ask others about their experiences with your piercer and do not bargain shop. You get what you pay for when it comes to body piercing.

3. Be comfortable. You should never get a modification that makes you uncomfortable, nor work with a piercer who does not give you the right feeling.

If you are getting the creeps off your piercer, it is time to go elsewhere! Be sure to interview the person who will be giving you your body piercing.

Ask about his or her experience with the particular one you are getting. Also, find out what kind of care is recommended.

4. Use a professional. Never pierce at home or have your body piercing done with an earring gun.

These are non-sterile conditions and the people doing the piercing are not professionals. At a minimum, you are risking a badly positioned, more painful piercing than you would have gotten from a licensed pro.

There is also a much higher risk of rejection, nerve damage, severe bruising and serious infection.

5. No drugs or alcohol. Piercing can deliver a pretty significant endorphin rush and it can make you nervous. However, do not try to calm your nerves by having a drink and never get pierced after a party.

A good piercer will refuse to do the work because alcohol increases bleeding and makes healing more difficult. Go in sober, and have your drink later after the body piercing has been done.

6. Take good care of your piercing. It can be tempting to let things slide, especially if the piercing looks like it is healing well.

However, once you begin neglecting your new mod, it can develop an infection and you might become ill or lose it. Take the extra time to care for your new body piercing properly.

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